Our Computer Studies courses provide students with a foundation in computer science. If interested, students can expand their learning to a more advanced level. Technology plays a significant role in our society, and the range of career options in technology is vast and growing. Students are encouraged to try Computer Studies courses to determine if this is an area of interest for them.


Industry Standard Programming Languages with focus on:

  • Python
  • C#
  • C++

Popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE):

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PyCharm

Varied Lesson and Assessment Structures

  • Standard Testing
    • Knowledge/ Understanding of key concepts, terms, and more associated with computer systems, programming, and society
    • Demonstration of major code structures (sequential, repetition, and selection) in code snippet form
  • Mini Assignments
    • Teacher-lead games and applications
    • Solve presented scenarios using programming and problem-solving strategies
  • Full-scale projects
    • Up to half-semester student-lead projects
    • individual or team-based project development
    • varying topics from dynamic web design to 3D game development (Unity) based on student interests
  • Cross-curricular opportunities
    • Robotics programming in ROBOT-C
    • Arduino C microcontroller programming
    • CNC Router Programming in Lua (through V-Carve)

Prerequisite Chart

Course Offering Flowchart


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