Gr 9 Courses 2022-2023

Grade 10 Courses 2022-2023

Grade 11 Courses 2022-2023

Grade 12 Courses 2022-2023

Summer School 2022
Summer school registration for July and / or August of 2022 will be available in the Spring (~April) .
Guidance will inform students when registration opens, .

ELearning for 2021-2022
Registration is now open to take an eLearning course for the 2021-2022 school year.
See below for the courses offered.
To register, fill in the registration form and return it to Guidance.

ELearning 2021-2022 List.pdf

2021-2022 eLearning Request Form.pdf

Guidance Staff

Ms. Glass- [email protected]

Ms. Benjafield[email protected]

Mrs. Ritchie - [email protected]