Bradford District High School Honour Roll Policy


  • An 80% average is required for Honour Roll standing for Grade 9-11


  • Ontario Scholars are high school graduates who attain an average of 80% or greater in their best six Grade 12 courses. All six courses must be Grade 12 courses but can be calculated from different school years.


  • A school year is from September 1 to August 31.


  • All courses – day school, night school, summer school, on-line, dual credit, private, etc. – taken during the school year (September to August) will be used to calculate a student’s average. This includes courses taken out of your grade year. (For example, a Grade 9 student taking a Grade 10 course)


  • Students are responsible for providing Guidance with proof of credits done outside of BDHS.


  • The number of credits taken during a school year will be used to calculate their average. There is no maximum or minimum number of credits needed.



    Specific examples:

    • If a Grade 9 student takes 8 courses in day school plus Civics and Careers – a Grade 10 course - as an on-line summer school course, Honour Roll is determined by the average of those 9 courses
    • If a Grade 11 student takes 8 courses in day school plus a Grade 12 course at night school, Honour Roll for Grade 11 is based on the average of those 9 courses. If the same student in their graduating year takes 5 Grade 12 courses in day school, the night school course is used to determine whether the student qualifies to be an Ontario Scholar.