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Welcome to the BDHS Learning Commons

The BDHS Learning Commons and our Teacher-Librarians support students and staff as they locate and manage information for academic and personal use. We house a large collection of non-fiction and fiction texts in addition to periodical and online resources which are available to students both at school and at home (passwords are available on the Learning Commons Google Classroom and from our Teacher-Librarians). Promotion of a consistent research model is foundational to our program and the TDSB Research Success model has been purchased and is available through our Google Classroom.

We have school supplies available for students to borrow, along with chess/checker boards, games, colouring sheets and puzzles for students to work on to "de-stress". Students are encouraged to write the titles of library resources we should consider acquiring in our "Wish Book". We have a colour printer/photocopier/scanner for student use. Students are welcome to use one of our white boards to brainstorm project ideas with group members. And we now have our Susan Wright Outdoor Classroom and Patio open for students to use in nice weather!

Students may book an appointment with one of our Teacher-Librarians just as they would with a classroom teacher. Teacher-Librarians are available for proofreading, research help and other academic support. We are also here to chat with students about what they are reading. Resources for self-care while reading difficult content are also available.

Learning Commons Google Classroom

BDHS students should join our Learning Commons Google Classroom for helpful resources including videos and slide decks that show them how to use a product. Information about accessing our school's wifi is on this classroom. Teacher-Librarians have our joining code and it is also on the front door of the Learning Commons.

Student Passwords

Students should be sure to stay safe online by protecting their complex school password (8+ characters with uppercase and lower case numbers, a number and/or a not use the @ symbol in your password). Students must never leave a BDHS computer they are logged onto unattended and when finished using a shared BDHS device (desktop, ipad, chromebook), they must be certain they log out of their account. Students must check their privacy settings and limit the amount of personal information they share online.

If a student believes their password has been compromised or if a student wishes to change their password, their teacher or a teacher-librarian may help with this.

Student Email

Students all have a SCDSB email account that they should check daily. Important information is delivered to this account. BDHS email is NOT gmail. Students must access their school email using O365.

The Key to Powerful Products

The best way for a student to create a powerful learning artifact is to start with a unique and rich question. Our teacher-librarians are available to help students consider various levels of questions related to a topic and arrive at an upper level thinking question to guide their research.

Additionally, using some of the research tools provided below will allow students access to current, reliable and unbiased information with which to build on their learning.

Online Resources

Any passwords necessary for these programs are available on the Learning Commons Google Classroom as well as from Teacher-Librarians.

Students must respect copyright laws when on the web and creating academic products. They must receive written permission to use someone else's material or else give credit to the material's owner. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Creative Commons through which students can search for licensed material.

For help avoiding plagiarism, please speak with our Teacher Librarians.

Please be highly aware of privacy. Remember that anything posted online NEVER goes away...even if it is deleted. Future schools, employers and landlords for example may search for an online "footprint" to discover more about a person. Ensure that what they find is positive!

Britannica School Online

Britannica School is an online encyclopedia. Students can set up their own accounts to keep track of "favourites" and organize their research. This source also has valuable information for research projects and should be the first place students visit to learn about a topic. Additionally, students may use videos and images from this source. Britannica will format reference entries in one of many styles (MLS, APA etc) Check in with a Teacher-Librarian or our Google Classroom for the username and password. This resource may be used at home and school. Visit Britannica School Online

Learn 360

Learn 360 is a collection of educational videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video files and still images for students to use. This resource my be accessed at home and school through Brightspace or visit Learn 360 with a student username and password.

EBSCO Databases

A database is a searchable collection of information from various sources. This link takes students to our EBSCO subscription. Databases are often a better research source than a search engine such as Google because they are edited collections and a database search can be filtered by many factors such as source type, length, reading level, and date of publication . This valuable source syncs with a student's Google Drive and will also format reference entries in one of many formats (APA, MLA etc.). The username and password are available from a BDHS Teacher-Librarian or from the Learning Commons Google Classroom. There are online training modules students can watch to learn how to use these databases or they can come and see our Teacher-Librarians if they have questions. Visit:

In order to use EBSCO at home, students must first sign into EBSCO while at school and then create an individual account using their Google school credentials.


This is SCDSB's Overdrive collection. Students can "sign out" ebooks or audiobooks. The collection can be filtered for reading level, genre, availability and format. Students can take notes about what they are reading within the app. Additionally, resources on SORA can be translated using Google translate. A video showing how to translate a text from SORA is available on our Google Classroom. Translation is only available using the website, not the App.  See our Google Classroom for more information. Go to SORA


From the SCDSB Hub, all students have access to the many resources. More information about many of these sites can be found on the Learning Commons Google

Google Classroom

If students have any questions about these resources, they should contact a teacher-librarian.


Students looking for an alternative to boring old Power Point/Slides Presentations should try Prezi !

Creative Commons

Students looking for photos and other material licensed for use in material without breaking copyright law should go to Creative Commons and search its site. Students may also post things they have created to this site and specify how they wish for their creation to be licensed for others' use. Visit Creative Commons .