Students with specific learning needs may have these needs formally planned for in writing via an Individual Education Plan (IEP). All students on IEPs are assigned a Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) who facilitates the transition to BDHS and collaborates with current/previous teachers and parents to ensure needs are planned for, develops IEPs including required accommodations and post-secondary transition planning, communicates and consults with regular class teachers who implement IEP programming for the majority of students who take regular credit bearing courses, oversees students' academic progress and wellness, implements supports and alternative programming as needed, and communicates with parents.


Special Education Resource Teachers at BDHS 2023-2024

Andrew Lloyd: Special Education Department Chair, SERT Grade 10

[email protected]


Cora Lea Peltier: Gr.9 & 11 SERT, 

[email protected]


Christina Paton: Gr. 12 SERT, 

[email protected]


Cara Ross: Literacy and Numeracy Learning Centre SERT,

[email protected]


Karen Ancher: Life Skills SERT, 

[email protected]


Sean Devine: Life Skills SERT,

[email protected]


Laura Kell: Learning Strategies

[email protected]



Special Education Educational Assistants at BDHS 2023-2024:


Ms. Deleo

Ms. Grigg

Ms. Jarzlo

Ms. Morrow

Ms. Todd



Supports at BDHS


There are various levels of special education support in high school. Students may receive support from their classroom teacher or an educational assistant in the classroom, or in the resource room. The BDHS resource room (112) is open to all students with or without an IEP and functions on a drop-in basis. The resource room is open before school from 7:30-8:00am, at lunch and after school for 2:10-3pm for extra help. The resource room is not the same as an elementary learning centre.


Depending on the needs outlined in the IEP, students will receive accommodations as part of their courses. High schools also offer a range of locally developed courses designed to meet the learning needs of students. Depending on their needs, students may be part of a specialized program or class (see below).


Some students with documented needs and a successful assistive technology trial, may be provided with a school board laptop or Chromebook to utilize assistive technology, like text to speech or speech to text through the Special Education Amount (SEA), as our application numbers allow.


Special Education Specialized Class Placements at BDHS

The vast majority of students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are in regular credit bearing courses working towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), where regular class teachers implement IEP accommodations and programming, supported by an assigned Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT). Most students on IEPs are in regular credit bearing courses and complete the regular curriculum expectations and the IEP box on the report card is not checked in this case. We do not communicate IEP status to post-secondary institutions or outside agencies. For post-secondary applications, all students are accepted based on the marks and program requirements of the desired post-secondary institution. If students wish after acceptance, they can register with the post-secondary institution student services department for permitted post-secondary accommodations.


For some students with more intensive needs BDHS has 2 specialized class options for students who meet the admission requirements, have the applicable needs, and if there is availability. Students must have an Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) meeting to confirm placement.

  • Learning Centre: A specialized class for 2 periods a day where small groups of students to receive intensive literacy and numeracy support from a special education teacher. Learning Centre credits are not credit bearing. Students work towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or an Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC). Please note that the Learning Centre class is NOT the same as our Resource Room.
  • Life Skills: A specialized class for students who require intensive full day programming and support in basic literacy and numeracy, technology integration, communication, self help, social skills and vocational training. Students work towards a Certificate of Accomplishment.