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Welcome to the BDHS Learning Commons

Access our online library: 

The BDHS Learning Commons helps students and staff locate and manage information for academic and personal use while encouraging strong literacy skills. We house a large collection of non-fiction and fiction texts in addition to many periodical and online resources which are available to students both at school and at home (passwords are available on the student sign in screen, library handouts, and from our teachers and librarians). Promotion of a consistent research model is foundational to our teaching and the Research Success model is available through the Library section of the Student Common Drive.

We have school supplies available for students to borrow, along with chess/checker boards and puzzles for students to work on while on lunch or spare. Students are encouraged to write the titles of library resources we should consider acquiring in our "Wish Book".  We have a colour printer/photocopier and a black and white printer for student use. Students are welcome to come and use a white board to brainstorm project ideas with group members. There are 3 seminar rooms available at the front of the library for students and staff to sign out for use. And we now have an Outdoor Classroom and Patio for students to use in nice weather!​

Join our Learning Commons Google Classroom for more helpful resources.  Ask a Teacher-Librarian for the code to join.

Be sure to stay safe online by protecting your complex school password.  Never leave a computer you are logged onto unattended and when finished using a shared device (desktop, ipad, chromebook), be certain you log out of your account.  Check your privacy settings and limit the amount of personal information you share online.

​Online Resources

Any passwords necessary for these programs are available on the student school computer sign in screen as well as from your teachers and librarians. For some of these resources, you may need to set up your own free account. If using these applications with a teacher, you will likely be given a student account.

Be careful and respect copyright laws when on the web. You must receive written permission to use someone else's material. Check the bottom of this page for a link to Creative Commons through which you can search for licensed material.

Please be highly aware of your privacy and if posting anything online, use a nickname.  Remember that anything posted online NEVER goes away…even if you delete it.   

Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a great source for career information. Visit Career Cruising.

Britannica School Online

Britannica School is an online encyclopedia which the Ministry of Education provides to us.  Students can set up their own accounts to keep track of "favourites" and organize their research.  This source also has valuable information about research projects, oral presentation and book review preparation.  Check in with a librarian for the username and password. This resource may be used at home and school. Visit Britannica School Online

Learn 360

Learn 360 is a collection of educational videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video files and still images for students to use.  This resource my be accessed at home and school. Visit Learn 360


A database is a searchable c​ollection of information from verious sources. This link takes you to our EBSCO collection of databases.  Databases are often a better source than a search engine such as Google because they are edited collections. The  username and password are available from a BDHS Teacher-Librarian or from the Learning Commons Google Classroom.  There are online training modules you can watch to learn how to use these databases or you can come and see our Teacher-Librarians if you have questions.  Visit EBSCO


Create a tag cloud by typing in words. The more times you type a word, the larger it will be in your product. Or try the advanced version and just type a number after the word. Notice you can choose, font, colour and organization. Us​​e a nickname when saving this produce on line. Visit Wordle 


Looking for a book to read? Try LibraryThing!  It's a social networking site that allows you to search for a topic or genre or author etc and the​​n narrow your search using tags. You can also set up your own account and enter the titles of books you've already enjoyed and LibraryThing will suggest other books you may enjoy. There is a tag cloud associated with each book, which will tell you more about that choice, as well as a link to Amazon you would like a plot summary. Visit LibraryThing


This really easy site allows you to attach voice or text to single or multiple images or video. If you are posting to the web, plea​se use a nickname.​ Once you complete a product, you can send an invitation to friends to view your produce. Visit VoiceThread. 


Create awesome 30 second videos for free. Use their video, photos and music, or add your own. Super Easy and super e​ffective. Visit Animoto.


Are you looking for an alternative to boring old Power Point Presentations?  Try Prezi!

Creative Commons

Are you looking for photos and other material licensed for you to use in your material without breaking copyright law? Go to Creative Comm​​ons and search for what you're looking through its site. You may also post things you have created to this site and specify how you want your creation licensed for others' use. Visit Creative Commons.

Searching the BDHS Collection

To search our library's materials, on a school computer,  go to Programs–Library and Research–LS2 Search  and enter your search term into the ​search box.

If we don't have the book you're looking for, why not try the Bradford Public Library?

Flash Card Machine

Make digital "flash cards" top quiz yourself or your classmates. It's quick and easy to make an account and create a set ​of flashcards that have a question on one side and an answer on the other side. You may share your flashcard sets with others. Again, protect your privacy!


Do you need to find a date for multiple people to get together? Are you having trouble comparing calendars? This site allows you to sugge​​st multiple dates and times to other people and then have them respond as to which dates work for them. You send the link for your particular doodle to your firends via email.