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Provincial Testing

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) – Math

Grade 9 students who have applied or academic math in first semester will be writing the EQAO math assessment in January.  Students taking applied or academic grade 9 math in semester two will write the EQAO assessment in June.  Students with IEP’s will receive accommodations for this assessment.  Please contact the Special Education Department if you have any questions.  These accommodations are outlined on the students’ IEPs.

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

Grade 10 students write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test on April 11, 2013.  Students with IEP’s will receive accommodations for this assessment as per their IEP.  Please contact your child's SERT if you have any questions.

Please visit the EQAO website or the link on the Bradford homepage for more information on these assessments, including materials for preparing as well as school and provincial results.

TIPS Program

Each year during the month of February our school offers the TIPS (test improvement performance strategies) program after school in the weeks leading up to the OSSLT. This program reviews the components of the test and allows students to practice skills and receive teacher feedback to be better prepared for the OSSLT.