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New Students

"We all have ability, the difference is how we use it" – Stevie Wonder

Welcome to Bradford District High School! Here you will find information about the special education transition process.

Students will have multiple opportunities to visit the school and our Department to familiarize themselves before they start school in September.

Student Handbook (map, APE form, community service form)

Transitional Material

For students with Autism or students who would benefit from visual supports we have created a visual transition binder which includes:

maps, pictures of various areas of the school, daily schedule and other information about life in high school

Cover Page


Table Of Contents



In Between Classes



Community Involvement


Students with IEPs

If you already have an IEP when you come to BDHS you will have a Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) assigned to you. This is the teacher who will work with you to make sure your IEP suits your needs.

With your SERT, your IEP and transition plan will be regularly updated to make sure that you will have the tools to succeed. Your teachers and parents will also have input to ensure you get the accommodations you need.

Some Common Accommodations

  • Extra time

  • Use of computers (including assistive technology)

  • Photocopies of notes

  • Scribing

  • Work in the resource room

  • Being taught in a way that suits you best

Learning Strategies

Learning strategies is a one period course that helps you to learn to study, take notes, and be successful in your other classes. The class is available as an option on your option sheet and has the benefit of a small class size to maximize your learning.