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Guidance is working on the 2020-2021 timetable

If you need a change to what you have chosen for 2020-2021 please email a guidance counsellor.

Summer School

Registration is now open for courses in summer 2020.  If you'd like to take a course this summer, please email a guidance counsellor.  Click below to see what's available both in class and on line.

Summer School Request Form 2020.pdf

E-Learning 2020-2021

Some courses are available on line during the school year.  If you're interested in taking a course on line during the school year, please email a guidance counsellor.  These courses have waiting lists and students need to be added to waiting lists as soon as possible.

Course Calendar

Grade 10 Courses.pdf         Grade 11 Courses.pdf

Grade 12 Courses.pdf 

Full Calendar.pdf

Guidance Staff

Ms. Brake -

Ms. Glass -

Mr. Malley - jmalley