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February 13th Announcements

Thursday, February 13, 2020
Thursday, February 13, 2020
Thursday, February 13, 2020

  1. The Model United Nations team meets in room 224 today at the beginning of lunch. As a member you can work on your own or with a partner to represent your assigned country and discuss important issues like human rights and environmental policy. All grades are welcome. In fact, the earlier you join, the stronger the team grows. The majority of last's years 3rd place team was made up of graduates who had been on the team since grade 9 or 10. We need new members to fill the shoes of our amazing graduates, so come and check out what the Model United Nations is all about today, at lunch, in room 224!
  2. The equity and diversity club will be meeting briefly today in room 122 at 11:10 AM. Members, grab your lunch and come to the meeting. All new members are welcome!
  3. Don't forget that matchmaker surveys will still be accepted until tomorrow!  Today's event is the Kahoot in the caf! So be sure to join in as there are great prizes in store for the first place and second place winner! First place with a $20 Tims card and maybe an extra $10 if they have an SAC. Second place with a $10 Tims card and potentially some candy with the help of an SAC as well.  Tomorrow the Crush for Crushes will be delivered to homerooms, and there is the oh so special kissing booth happening in the foyer during lunch! Be sure to stop by our very own kissing booth to get some Hershey kisses if you have an SAC. 
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