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April 10th Announcements

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

1.     This is a very important announcement, to all 9-11 mathletes, please meet Mrs. Sheldon and Mrs. Morrison at the math office directly after announcements for the math contest today.

2.     Congratulations to a great performance by our BDHS Math Team yesterday at the Canadian Team Mathematics Competition at the University of Waterloo. A special shout out to our very own Christopher Collings for getting a perfect score on the individual competition.

3.     The first round of games is over in the Smash Brothers tournament! Second round of play will begin in full today in room 243 in the championship and consolation brackets.

4.     The equity and diversity club will be meeting today during lunch in room 213. All new members are welcome.

5.     Morning Bradford, Cancer has either affected or is affecting everyone in our school. It's a difficult time which is why we have a white BDHS banner up in the foyer for you to show your support. Write down how you're affected, who you're supporting, or a supportive message to show solidarity for our school. The banner will be displayed at Relay for Life as well in the foyer and will be up until the end of the month. We also want everyone to sign up for the Relay For Life - it's a 5 hour party!!

6.     Could the following Badminton Team Members please report to Room 232 (Ms Singh's Classroom) right at the beginning of lunch to discuss South Simcoe Badminton regionals.  Members needed in attendance are Dana, Lauren, Nam, Curtis, Nick, Gary and Tina.

7.    Earth Week is fast approaching!  If you would like to help with planning of activities, please come out to Green Team at lunch today (Wed Apr 10). See Mrs. Russell if you cannot attend but would like to be involved.  Room 125 today at lunch.

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